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We are proud of our work, because we are created to improve!
+7 (708) 816-51-52
Assistance in attracting investments and business planning
We are proud of our work, because we are created to improve!
ARG Group offers financial support services for small businesses through various mechanismsы and grants, such as R & D (research and development), QazInnovations grants, attracting financial resources from the EDB, the EBRD, and many other tools to support and finance startups and existing businesses.
We help small innovative enterprises act as performers or co-performers in R & D projects for large customers. This allows small businesses to gain access to government contracts and expand their opportunities to participate in the implementation of important projects, stimulating innovation and small business development.
We prepare a complete package of documents, including a business plan and financial documents for successful participation in various programs, competitions and grants.

Optimization and modification of existing solutions
We help optimize and modernize existing products, technologies or processes in order to increase their efficiency and competitiveness.
Innovation support and patenting
We provide advice on intellectual property protection, support for innovative developments, and patenting R & D results.
Technology consulting
We provide expert advice on the introduction of new technologies, the choice of optimal solutions and modern methods of design and development.
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