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Inventory of fixed assets and inventory items
We are proud of our work, because we are created to improve!
An inventory is usually understood as a check of material and financial assets that are on the balance sheet of an enterprise, institution or one of their divisions. This is an effective form of control over the safety of funds and stocks of the enterprise, which is carried out at regular intervals.

During the inventory, the amount of property values and financial resources is checked against what is indicated in the reporting documents. The inventory is carried out in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the Ministry of Finance, as well as the internal regulations of the enterprise.

The inventory is carried out in a certain order:
Calculation of the actual balance of goods and materials and fixed assets
Identification of shortages, surpluses and marriages
Comparison of the results of counting inventories and fixed assets with the accounting data of balances
Submission of a detailed report on the actual availability of inventory and fixed assets, storage conditions
Development of recommendations for improving the management of warehouses
Accounting automation:
Automation is the best option for organizing fixed asset accounting, which minimizes manual work, facilitates acceptance for accounting, write-off of fixed assets and other actions with property.
Application development, testing, documentation writing
Implementation of IP
Detailed design, development of a techno-detail project (TDP) of IS, development of a methodology for implementing management functions using IS
Execution and approval of the technical project
Types of accounting for goods
a method of identifying objects by reading the radio wave of an RFID tag and does not require its direct visibility and piece-by-piece access to accounting objects. Automatic search for an object in the warehouse. RFID tags are programmed and customized to the specifics of the company.
allows you to keep a single record of both goods and documentation. Using Wi-Fi, the data collection terminal (hereinafter referred to as DTC) transmits information to the accounting system about each nomenclature unit. The barcode is a physical information carrier that simplifies accounting, eliminates errors and saves time during the inventory.
RFID system
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