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We are proud of our work, because we are created to improve!
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Marketing research
We are proud of our work, because we are created to improve!
Marketing research from ARG GROUP experts is reliable business data and practical recommendations, systematic collection, documentation and analysis of data on various aspects of marketing activities.
ARG GROUP specialists conduct all types of marketing research:
To strengthen the position of the organization and products in a particular segment;
Identify areas of potential development and take new positions in the market;
Get reliable information about the market, competitors, prices and consumers;
Explore the tastes, needs and wishes of potential customers;
Evaluate the company's work and improve its efficiency;
Choose the most effective ways to promote;
Identify weaknesses and eliminate them, strengthen advantages.
Market research
ARG GROUP specialists conduct all types of marketing research:
Competitive position analysis
Competitor research
Demand research
Customer satisfaction research
The study of sales channels
Includes analysis of market conditions, including sales volumes, its attractiveness, research of supply and demand, studies of key players.
Assessment of the company's current position in the market, identification of competitive advantages and reserves for improving the position.
Analysis of assortment, marketing policy, distribution scheme, management structure and PR activities of the main competitors, collection of best practices and identification of ways to increase competitiveness.
Studying the needs and preferences of customers, determining the required volume of production, analyzing factors affecting demand;
Calculation of CSI and NPS, development of practical methods to increase loyalty, preparation of recommendations for changing the assortment policy, introduction of additional services and services;
Reducing advertising costs and increasing its effectiveness for the target audience;
is an assessment of the possibilities of expanding the sales network, an analysis of the potential for sales growth.
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