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We are proud of our work, because we are created to improve!
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IT consulting
We are proud of our work, because we are created to improve!
The main task of IT consulting is to optimize business processes using information technology. As a result, a unified IT infrastructure is being created to make the company's management process more informative, transparent and easily controlled.
The advantages of having modern IT technologies in service are as follows:
More efficient planning and allocation of necessary resources and costs, deadlines for implementation, calculation of risks and the final result of activities.

Getting up-to-date information about the company's activities "here and now".

Making necessary adjustments to the company's activities without violating the strategy implementation algorithm.

Professional development of personnel and, as a result, increasing the efficiency of the entire company.
Within the framework of IT consulting, ARG GROUP experts provide services for the implementation of automated management systems (ERP systems), customer relationship management systems (CRM), electronic document management systems (EDMS) and training of the client's company personnel to work in systems.
Analysis and specification (project preparation)
During the work on automated control systems, ARG GROUP specialists will conduct:
Specification of requirements (project development)
Implementation and testing (project implementation)
Quality control and training.
Making changes and support
Training of the client's company personnel to work in the system.
Planning and organization of work on the project, definition of the project framework, definition and adoption of the modeling language and process analysis, introduction of design standards, analysis and reporting, building a system model.
Building a system prototype that displays all processes and procedures in the company in accepted notations and standards.
Installation at workplaces and documentation of the system, data transfer from existing systems to the developed one, configuration, transfer of the system into commercial operation.
Collecting comments from users and developing procedures for making changes to the system.
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