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Financial and Technical Supervision
We are proud of our work, because we are created to improve!
Financial and technical supervision includes a range of services aimed at monitoring the targeted use of funds by the Client (Investor) during the implementation of an investment project, as well as ensuring that the work performed complies with regulatory legal requirements.
+7 (708) 816-51-52
We are proud of our work, because we are created to improve!
Monitoring Work Deadlines
Comprehensive and professional financial and technical supervision aimed at ensuring the protection of clients' interests.
Documentation Analysis
Expert Evaluation of Project Readiness
Quality Control of Work
Assessment and Mitigation of Negative Factors
Ensuring the actual completion dates of work match the scheduled dates in the project timeline, including design, construction, installation, and commissioning work, as well as equipment and material deliveries.
Analyzing initial permit and project budget documentation for completeness and adequacy for project implementation.
Conducting expert evaluations to assess the readiness of the construction project.
Checking the compliance of construction and installation work with project documentation, current technical regulations, and construction standards.
Identifying technical factors negatively impacting project parameters compared to planned indicators, evaluating the extent of these impacts on the project, and providing recommendations for their mitigation.
Monitoring document flow at the construction site to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Verifying the quality of completed work, including using non-destructive testing devices.
6. Financial Supervision and Contract Control
Monitoring the targeted use of credit and own funds for the project.
Checking the alignment of planned capital expenditures with actual expenses, analyzing deviations, providing recommendations for their correction, and suggesting risk mitigation strategies, including budget updates if necessary.
Controlling changes made to the capital expenditure budget.
Ensuring compliance with the obligations of clients and their contractors under signed agreements.
Monitoring and verifying the volumes and costs of work completed by contractors and billed, as well as materials and services procured, against project documentation, contract terms, and current market prices.
Evaluating the main risks associated with project implementation and cost increases, identifying factors leading to financial deterioration, and providing recommendations for their elimination.
Final Report for the Client
Delivering an engineering report to the Client (Investor) detailing the current project implementation stage, including measurement and verification reports, copies of documents presented during the work, measurement results, instrument readings, interview protocols, calculations by «ARG Group LTD» specialists, photographic materials, as well as conclusions and recommendations for minimizing all identified and potential risk factors.
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