KPI Suite

ARG Group is an official partner of KPI Suite.

KPI Suite System is a universal “designer” of web applications for companies’ management, which allows to control the structure of business economics:

- Consolidate the original data, forming a hierarchical system of indicators (KPI) based on the logic of their interrelationships; - Conduct analytical operations of any complexity; - Displays the resulting performance indicators in different graphic representations and analysis sections.

ICSA Software

ARG Group is the official partner of ICSA Software

ICSA - International Institute of Corporate Secretaries and Administrators -deserved a recognized global authority in the development of Corporate Management standards.

The Institute was founded in 1891 and includes 36,000 members in 70 countries. ICSA Software is a subsidiary of the Institute, founded in 1985, and is a world leader in production of software for the management and in the compliance with the best practices of corporate management.

QPR Software

ARG Group is the official partner of QPR Software.

QPR Software Company was founded in 1991 in Finland so as to create interactive software, that significantly improving the decision-making process at any organizational level.

Currently, QPR Software Company becomes a leading enterprise solution provider (business cooperation is implemented with partners from 50 countries) designed to manage the efficiency of the organization.

Clients of QPR Software Company are the organizations from a wide range of sectors, such as Canon, Siemens Portugal, Stora Enso Packaging, Nokia, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Bosch, Pfizer, Electrolux ITSolutions, Fortum, Skanska, TNK-BP, Government of Moscow, Sibur Holding, RAO UES


ARG Group is the Gold Partner of TUV Nord Group.

Having more than 10 000 employees in more than 70 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa, TUV NORD Group dynamically demonstrates first-class quality services to its national and international clients. A wide range of services includes consulting, inspection and certification services, and management of complex security solutions.

TUV NORD Group is composed of divisions, dividing into the following services: Mobile, Industrial, International, Natural Resources and Training and Human Resources. The company is well focused on its clients and operates in constant contact in order to provide qualitative analysis, the development of individual solutions and implementation of joint thoughts with the customer.

TUV Rheinland Group

ARG Group is the official partner of TUV Rheinland Group.

TUV Rheinland Group is a group of independent companies operating in a competitive landscape in ever changing markets. The company's activity is based on the conviction that it is impossible to achieve social and industrial development with no technical progress. There work 13 850 employees, whose activities annually bring more than 1.2 billion euros to the company around the world, in more than 490 branches, providing its presence in 61 countries.

TUV Rheinland Group is the international market’s leader in the provision of technical services. Based on 140 years of experience, the activity is focused on six areas: Industrial Services, Mobility, Products Security, Life and Health, Education and Consulting, Systems.

International Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA)

ARG Group LTD is the member of GAFTA in the category “C” - Superintendent & Surveyor.

The International Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) is a global organization that promotes international trade in grain, feed, beans and rice.

GAFTA continues to protect the interests of its members through a standard form of contract. The main objectives of the Association are: “Protection of interests of its members and promotion of free trade.”

Sugar Association

ARG Group LTD is the international member of the Sugar Association, category - the International Member.

Sugar Association, established by members of the American sugar industry, was founded in 1943 as the Sugar Research Foundation, which dedicated to research of the sugar role.

The mission of the Sugar Association is to promote the consumption of sugar as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle with the help of science and research.

Almaty Bureau of Certification

ARG Group is the official partner of the Almaty Bureau of Certification.

Almaty Bureau of Certification is accredited in the system of technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to carry out works in the field of conformity assessment: quality management systems, environmental management system, food safety management system, quality control of food products based on the HACCP principles in the origin of the goods.

Scope of activity:

- Certification of Management Systems for compliance with the international standards: ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 22000; ST RK-1179 HACCP. - The activities of the Authority in the origin of the goods Design of expert opinion to determine the country of the goods origin exported or re-exported from the Republic of Kazakhstan, imported from the territory of special economic zones and free warehouses to the rest of the customs territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and (or) sold on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for registration of Certificates of Origin by forms ST-1, “A”, “Original”, “STKZ” or Act of Origin in the authorized body.

Almaty Bureau of Certification is the winner of “Business Grand-Prix” in the competition “Choice of the year in Kazakhstan” in 2012.